On the left you see (and don't see):

Here you see my guitars:

Engl E670Se - EL34 version

Engl E212 Pro Cabinet

Marshall JCM2000 TSL100

Marshall 1960A

Marshall 1960B

Roland D70

iMac i5 QC 24"

Tascam DM4800

Adam A7X (x2)

Mackie Big knob passive

Mapex ProFusion

Roland TD10

Hughes & Kettner Access

Hughes & Kettner VS250

Eventide Eclipse

Rocktron Intellifex

ElectroVoice RE2

Sennheiser EW300 IEM

Alesis HD24

Alesis 3630

Alesis ControlPad

Korg DT1

Blade R4 (1990)

Carvin DC747 (2008) - Custom built

Charvel No6 (1986)

Fender Stratacoustic (2016)

Gibson Explorer (2005) - 1976 reissue

Gibson Les Paul Custom (2008)

Harley Benton HBD200-12BK (2016)

Ibanez Concord 647 (1974) - Pre lawsuit, no serial

Ibanez Iceman (2014) - Chinese built

Ibanez JPM90HAM (1998) - One of 450 made

Ibanez RG7620 (1999)

Ibanez Rocket Roll (1982)

Ibanez SB900Le (2002)

Ibanez WALRJ-24 HSS USA Custom (1989)

Ibanez UV777 (2001)

Steinberger Spirit (2012)

Walden D810Ce (2013)

Blast from the past: